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Effective Date: August 16th, 2018

The Product Return Policy (“Product Return Policy”) is for all the products (“Product” or “Products”) distributed nationally and internationally by MEDSOUTH LLC. (“MEDSOUTH”). Note that this Product Return Policy contains distinct terms and conditions for Returns from entities that purchase Product from MEDSOUTH directly or from an authorized distributor of record, as defined below, (“Customer” or “Customers”) versus returns from patients.

1. Customer Returns: Product is eligible for return and credit (or in circumstances, replacement only) from customers where the Product satisfies the requirements in any one of the sub-sections (a)-(b) below.

a) Certification of circumstances of return satisfying the requirements of one of the sub-sections (a) or (b) below is required to process the return and credit or replacement, as applicable.
b) Unused Product must be returned to MEDSOUTH as outlined in section 3 below unless (a) a certification of return circumstances that would not require the return of Physical Product (e.g. loss, damage, etc.) and proper disposal, if applicable, has been submitted and MEDSOUTH has approved and processed such certification or (b) Product is physically returned is damaged making fulfillment of this requirement impossible. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Sub-section B requires the physical return of Product in all instances.

A. Damaged Product
Product shipped directly from MEDSOUTH that is damaged in transit from MEDSOUTH shall be processed exclusively by MEDSOUTH. Such damaged Product shall be immediately reported to MEDSOUTH Sales Department (318-294-0327).

B. Unused Product
Product unused by the purchaser are recommended to be sent back MEDSOUTH. Such unused product should be reported immediately to MEDSOUTH.

1) Quality Concerns: Product purchased directly from MEDSOUTH by direct purchasing accounts, or from an authorized distributor of record set forth on the MEDSOUTH external website ( that is unusable due to reasons related to Product quality arising out of the manufacturing of Product (i.e., the physical characteristics of the Product described in the prescribing information for the Product ) shall be processed exclusively by MEDSOUTH. Please contact MEDSOUTH. This section shall also apply to situations in which the Customer discovers that the any part of the Product is triggered through no fault of the Customer are available for returns through MEDSOUTH.

Shipping Policy

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Effective Date: September 19th, 2018

Orders are processed in the order they are received and expedited shipping orders, such as Priority and Express shipping, are elevated in priority to meet the delivery deadline. … Orders placed are usually processed and shipped within 2~6 business days from the time the order is placed.

Oversize charges may apply. We will ship within the continental USA according to current law and regulations. Excludes Alaska & Hawaii.