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Vie Scope® - For EMS, Combat Medics, Anesthesiologists, and ER Doctors

The Vie Scope® is disrupting the current standard of care, making intubation faster, safer and less expensive to address a large void in airway management. The Vie Scope® offers Paramedics and Doctors the unique ability to handle all adult intubations using only one laryngoscope. The direct line of sight view for the user will lower patient complications as well as saving time and money.

EMS patient simulator

Ultimate Mega Code

A mobile patient simulator app for EMS and ACLS providers. Sharpen your skills at assessing and treating patients. Special focus on, ACLS algorithms, GCS determination, ECG identification, 12 leads to determine STEMI location, lung sounds and rare cases.

Available now for Android

MEDSOUTH featured product

The Narc BoxTM

Digital Entry Narcotics Box with Tattletale Technology. Narcotic and controlled substance security is one of the key challenges facing the EMS and Fire Industries. Balancing maximum controlled substance security, with quick access to these medications in critical patient response scenarios is a necessity.
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New Products Available From MEDSOUTH

Thomas EMS packs

ALS Ultra
Pedi Pack

Other products offered by MEDSOUTH

CoPilotVLR_Logo-tag.pngCoPilot Logo

CoPilot VL® - The first and only 2nd generation video laryngoscope

The AirSim Multi is uniquely constructed to allow realistic feedback during airway management procedures.
The AirSim Advance Crico is the solution for delivery of effective emergency Cricothyroidotomy training.

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