TruCorp Lubrication


Lubrication for TruCorp® Airway Management Training Manikins

TruCorp® lubricant is the same airway lubricant provided with our intubation training manikins and is compatible with all models. TruCorp® lubrication comes in a convenient 100ml spray bottle and should be generously applied to amount to ensure the surfaces in contact with the AirSim Airway are covered. Lubricant can also be used to assist when sliding replacement tissues into the correct position.

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Compatible with:
AirSim Advance Bronchi X
AirSim Advance X
AirSim Baby X
AirSim Bronchi
AirSim Child Bronchi X
AirSim Child Combo Bronchi X
AirSim Child Combo X
AirSim Child X
AirSim Combo Bronchi X
AirSim Combo X
AirSim Pierre Robin X
TruMan Trauma X