Tactical Pack (10 Vie Scopes, 10 Tactical Bougies, 3 Bags)


The Vie Scope® is a laryngoscope that is disposable and completely sterile. The Vie Scope® is the best direct laryngoscope for use in any situation, including clinic, hospital, military, or emergency settings.

The Tactical Pack includes 10 Vie Scopes, 10 Tactical Bougies, 3 Bags

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Secure the airway and save lives with the Vie Scope® from Adroit Surgical. No matter the situation, the Vie Scope® will deliver.

  • Direct Laryngoscope
  • 100% Disposable
  • Easy-to-Use
  • The entire shaft illuminates
  • Sterile

Manufactured by http://adroitsurgical.com/

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