STAT Manikin with SMART STAT Trauma Overlay Flash Moulage


Bilateral chest decompression and tube insertion sites. 12 points (6 pairs) with 3 zones used to demonstrate blood pressure loss.



  • Cost effective, advanced trauma overlay
  • Ideal for training staff to manage trauma stabilization
  • Design of overlay has the added advantage of utilizing the internal bleeding system already present on the SMART STAT
  • Durable and versatile
  • Overlay allows for rapid modifications depending on the scenario demonstrated and whether or not the wound is made to bleed
  • Simple system allows for easy setup and will not come off during extraction training
  • Check change out the existing overlay on your SMART STAT link in the bleeding system and, in seconds, change up your presentation
  • Excellent way to build out your advanced ALS level training with medics, paramedics, and other medical professionals interested in taking trauma management beyond the basics by combining the advanced features of SMART STAT with an enhanced, easy-to-use trauma upgrade