Includes: all Plus Features and unlimited number of Speech requests; extended IrisCamtm recording (10,000 hours of sessions stored online); 5 years of simulation log archive; Enterprise API for accessing logs, events, and IrisCamtm video; 5 year warranty with pre-shipping. Sh.wt. 64 lbs.



The first Patient Communication Simulator (PCS).

  • The only Patient Simulator with speech recognition ability, responds to clinical interview questions with answers related to the scenario
  • The first Patient Simulator with a built-in HD camera, IrisCam™ streams low latency video from ALEX’s right eye
  • Cloud connected and accessible from all your devices, goodbye instructor work stations and access licenses
  • Vital sounds are crystal clear in any stethoscope, Wireless SmartScope™ plays realistic sounds driven by underskin location tags
  • Speaks and understands English, French, and Spanish, Simulator learns new languages all the time so it can help train more learners all around the globe
  • Affordable, to help you make simulation ubiquitous, fully equipped including 5-year warranty and all cloud services


    • ALEX highlights:
  • IrisCam™: HD camera in the eye for patient point-of-view live streaming and debriefing
  • Conversation activation up on touching shoulders: responding to hundreds of medical interview questions
  • CPR with metrics of chest compression rate and depth automatically logged
  • Breathing with chest rise in sync with set respiratory rate and depth
  • Patient Monitor with direct control of HR, RR, SpO2, EtCO2, and TEMP to set target and transitions, with simulated waveforms
  • Pulse sensation on touch (carotid x2, brachial x2, radial x2, and pedal x2)
  • Female accessory kit (voice, torso overlay, genitalia, wig) sold separately: (101-7160)
  • Airway: oral, digital, and nasal intubation, as well as other standard airway procedures
  • Blood pressure measurement using the included wireless SmartCuff™ sensor
  • Realistic lung/heart/bowel sounds using any stethoscope or headset with the included wireless SmartScope™
  • Height: 5 ft. 1 in. (1.55 m), weight: 45 lbs. (20 kg)
  • 220V


    • Software highlights:
  • Real-Time Remote Simulation Control: Adjusts vitals, speech, and sounds using any Internet-connected device, collect checklist data, watch live video.
  • Patient Authoring: Create new patients by customizing vitals, checklists, patient file, and all speech questions and responses, share and collaborate with other ALEX/PCS users
  • Simulation Archive: Search and review your past simulation sessions with trend charts, logs, and checklists, built-in video debriefing in PLUS and PRO
  • Access Control: Student access for patient file and vitals monitoring, share full Simulator control and patient scenario authoring with collaborators

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Weight 1024 lbs