What is the CoPilot VL®?

The CoPilot VL® is a video laryngoscope that combines the best intubating technology with the best price. Our innovative Bougie Port was designed to solve the number one problem clinicians experience with Video Laryngoscopes; that is, being able to see the vocal cords but not able to direct the ETT through the vocal cords. The Bougie Port will deliver a standard bougie directly to where the camera is looking. You can then thread your ETT over the bougie in the standard fashion.

How is the CoPilot VL® different from other Video Laryngoscopes?

The CoPilot VL® is a Video Laryngoscope that you can actually afford. Its simple design lowers cost without lowering quality, and utilizes convenient features like a single-use disposable sheath so there are no dirty blades to high level disinfect in between uses. Our unique Bougie Port and hands free eject mechanism are designed to make the CoPilot VL® the easiest to use VL on the market.

Is this a GlideScope®?

Ehhh, No.

Aside from having a video camera and a display, there is little else in common. The CoPilot VL™ is an affordable Video Laryngoscope that is compact enough to fit in the medic's leg pocket or in a flight suit. The CoPilot VL™ also has a cool feature called the Bougie Port and a hands free eject mechanism for removing the contaminated disposable sheath. Most importantly, the CoPilot VL™ is orange.

What is a Bougie Port?

A Bougie Port is a special channel built into the side of the disposable sheath that directs the tip of a bougie towards the image that the camera is viewing. Our Bougie Port was designed to make video intubation even faster and easier by guiding the ETT straight to the glottis. It may seem like an extra step, but once you have some practice with it, you will find it to be a very quick method to intubate. You may also use any stylet you wish.

You do not have to intubate using the Bougie Port if you don't want to. If not, you should intubate with a stylet. Our included reusable, rigid stylet is your best choice but you may also you any stylet you wish.

How is video laryngoscopy (VL) different from direct laryngoscopy (DL)?

CoPilot VL™ uses video technology to provide a superior view of the glottic opening versus direct laryngoscopy, which requires you to hoist and displace airway tissues so that you can hopefully obtain line of sight with the glottic opening. This is not necessary with VL. VL works with the anatomy by allowing you to look around the corner to find your intended target. The neck may be kept neutral and the scope is placed midline. VL requires a different skill set from DL, but with just a little practice, you will become proficient and will intubate faster and safer than ever before. Using The CoPilot VL™ you can finally leave the C-Collar applied while intubating your patients.

Is the CoPilot VL™ returnable?

Well, we don't know why you would want to do that but if you really don't like it, we will gladly take it back. In fact, we are so confident that you will love our VL system, we offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, you may return your system for a full refund.

Is there an Owner's Manual for the CoPilot VL®?

Yes. You can find a link to view the Instructions for Use if you log into your user account or you can find it here.

Does CoPilot VL® have a warranty?

Absolutely. MEDSOUTH honors the Magaw included 1-year LIMITED WARRANTY against manufacturer defects.

How do I clean the CoPilot VL®?

The CoPilot VL® was designed so that only the disposable sheath is intended to come into contact with the patient so that high level cleaning is not required in between uses. For complete cleaning instructions, please refer to the Instructions for Use.

What is the battery life of the CoPilot VL™?

The CoPilot VL™ display case houses a high tech Lithium Polymer battery that will provide over 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Lithium Polymer batteries are known for their long life span and their ability to hold a charge for an extended period of time in between uses. If the CoPilot VL™ becomes discharged, it can be used while it is being recharged with the included power supply. The CoPilot VL™ has light indicators (green, yellow, red) to let the user know estimated battery life.

Should I leave the CoPilot VL™ plugged into the charger?

No. Your scope has a top quality lithium polymer rechargeable battery. You will experience the longest battery life and performance if you use the scope on battery power and only recharge when the battery runs low. Never try to recharge your CoPilot VL™ with a charger other than that supplied with the device.

Can I use the CoPilot VL™ without a sheath?

No. The CoPilot VL™ should never be used without a sheath.

Can I reuse the single use, disposable sheath?


No. The sheath is single use, disposable. They are not intended to be reprocessed or reused.

I don't like orange. Can I get the CoPilot VL® in another color?

No Way. We love our Orange CoPilot VL™!