Limited time special offer

The next CoPilot VL® version 2.0 will be available this summer for $3500 and will include the ability to record your intubations. Starting now if you purchase the current CoPilot for $2490 you will be able to upgrade your unit FOR FREE.

That's a savings of more than $1000.


CoPilot VL® - The first and only 2nd generation video laryngoscope

Instead of requiring a clinician to lift, move and straighten a patient’s airway anatomy, the angulated blade of the CoPilot VL® video laryngoscope respects the natural curve of the oropharynx. Our patent-pending Bougie Port is designed to solve the issue of getting the endotracheal tube “around the corner” and into the trachea. This means an easier process for your patient and less stress for you. Designed by clinicians, for clinicians, CoPilot VL® is designed to be the new standard of care for airway management. Every patient. Every time.

What Medics are saying about the Copilot VL®

"I would not have gotten that guy tubed without both the Bougie and video blade. That was awesome! I went straight for the new toy. He was huge and had no neck. At first I had light refracting off something as I went in. But then I got a perfect visual. I did struggle getting the Bougie in...he was so chubby. Once it advanced into my visual field it was easy. Felt those clicks."
Joni, 911 paramedic, South Louisiana - using the Copilot VL®

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