The Narc Box™

Digital Entry Narcotics Box with Tattletale Technology

Narcotic and controlled substance security is one of the key challenges facing the EMS and Fire Industries. Balancing maximum controlled substance security, with quick access to these medications in critical patient response scenarios is a necessity.


The NarcBox is constructed from extruded lightweight and durable airplane grade anodized aluminum, and features a hi-resolution resistive touch display (which allows for glove use during access) for PIN entry as well as an RFID key card entry system.

The NarcBox can be configured to require Dual Pin access, through either PIN, RFID, or a combination of both, to further enhance security and accountability. Multiple internal motion sensors notify all administrators / supervisors of forced entry via email within minutes of a security breach, while multiple incorrect repeated PIN entries also “flag” administrators and supervisors via email of suspicious activity.

Traceability / Accountability

All NarcBox entry events are time, date, and medic stamped and transmitted instantly to our third party secure server. Additional entry and usage information, such as medications administered and a dispatch or EPCR assigned call number can be assigned to every access as well. The NarcBox also reports temperature, and notifies all administrators / supervisors when the narcotics are outside specified temperature ranges.

The “shift change” and automatic reporting features (based on 12 hr, 24hr, or 48 hr shifts) allow all administrators or supervisors to receive customized automatic emailed reports by station, vehicle, medic, or by specific NarcBox that correspond to each departments shift change schedule.

Installation & Maintenenace

The NarcBox reporting and management system is completely cloud based. This means that any supervisor or administrator can download or run reports, view access logs throughout their EMS system, add / delete medics, or reset PINS, from any internet enabled device, at anytime, anywhere in the world. The NarcBox was designed to essentially be “plug and play”, and can be powered up and connected to any vehicle MIFI system or station based WIFI in minutes. Also, unlike most other EMS narcotic security systems, there is NO need to purchase any special hardware or install any additional equipment to use the NarcBox.


The NarcBox is the only EMS and Fire Narcotic security safe that includes an internal battery, and in the event of a power loss, maintains full functionality and security for up to 5 days. The internal battery also allows departments the abililty to maintain full narcotic security for their department during special events or search and rescue situations. The NarcBox also features a rotating screen and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally to save space and accommodate virtually any cabinet configuration.

The Narc Box™

Narc Box w/110V Power Supply
Narc Box w/12V Power Supply
Narc Box 110V Power Supply
Narc Box 12V Power Supply
Narc Box RFID Cards (3)
Narc Box Internal Battery

The Narc Box™ Specifications

  • Dimensions: 10” x 8” x 4”
  • Weight: 3.5 Lbs
  • Power: 110 Volt power supply included (12V optional)
  • RFID Access: 5 RFID Cards per NarcBox included
  • 1 Year Warranty

Optional Mounting Configurations: Vertical or Horizontal.

Two power ports to accommodate different mounting configurations.

Easy Setup

  • Register Online

    Completing the online registration form ( automatically logs you in to your account.

  • Add Admin/Supervisor

    Add any administrators or supervisors that will have access to your account.

  • Add Paramedic/Employee

    Add paramedics, employees or anyone authorized to access a Narc Box. A PIN is emailed to each user that you set up.

  • Add Narc Boxes

    Add the Narc Box™ to your account by entering the serial number and vehicle number or location of use.

  • Connect to Wifi & Sync

    The final step connects the Narc Box™ to Wifi.

  • Congratulations!

    The setup process is complete! The Narc Box™ is ready for service and your narcotics secure.

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